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Thread: If you are Carnell Lake what would you do first?

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    Exclamation If you are Carnell Lake what would you do first?

    Let's say for the sake of conversation that you are Carnell Lake, you've just been hired on as the new Secondary coach. Tomlin approaches you in a meeting with Dick Lebeau and says, ok how are you going to fix our secondary? What do you offer as suggestions?

    Obviously there won't be any type of mass exodus of players, or a "house cleaning" of personnel in the secondary so let's put those remarks on the backburner if you know what I mean.

    If I am Lake the first thing I say is, look Coach, it's obvious we need to bolster the Secondary so please get me a high round draft pick that can potentially step in right away or very soon after the season starts. This draft is very deep at Cornerback (among other positions) so there's no reason to not start fixing the secondary with a top prospect. Preferably I want 2 draft picks out of this class, because I'm not sold on our current group completely.

    I want one on one time with William Gay; this kid can blitz like there's no tomorrow but I believe there is more to him than what we've seen. I think I can take this kid to a new level and you'll see a big improvement in his cover skills.

    I then make it clear that I want Ike Taylor back, no question. He is the rock at the Cornerback spot and the only one that's been solid in recent history. If you let him go you set back our secondary tremendously. Potentially you will spend a lot of money trying to find adequate replacements that aren't as good or are way more expensive.

    I want an open competition from this point forward (as soon as a CBA deal is reached) where every player on the roster starts on equal footing in the secondary. Make them earn there spots, practice hard, study hard, play hard, and may be the best group of 4 win. Obviously guys like Troy Polamalu and Ryan Clark probably aren't going to lose their jobs, but competition breeds excellence. I want to make this group, especially the Cornerbacks, a strong part of the defense again.

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    Push hard for some FA badass help.

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    Get a locker and get sized up for a helmet?

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    I would get some defensive backs that have some damn talent.

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    If he can teach them to play like he played then we will be alright, with him sharing his game film of how he played and thoughts and knowledge of the game and tweak their techniques a little or a lot lol then i c the Db's playing better IMO, i really want to c him work with Butler and Keenan, IMO this was a great hire and if they listen to him i believe he will put the players in a position to be successful...CAN'T WAIT

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    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Push hard for some FA badass help.
    Coming to you live from the Fortress of Steelertude!

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    Get all the sh!t straightened up.

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    Forget having the db's work out with the defense. Have them work out with the receivers so they learn how to catch the ball.
    DJ Crimefighter @

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    1. sign Ike Taylor

    2. fa help , we need experience to cover a number 2 receiver

    3. draft a db in first round anyways and mold him

    If we can create a better man to man backfield , we can sent more heat on the qb , then we can be called blitzburgh like in the good ol days

    I am telling ya , that's the way to go !!!!!

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    He might want to pick up a copy of "Secrets to building a great NFL secondary" by Harvey Clayton. $19.95 late TV info-mercial offer. If you get in early they throw in some other bonus books. "Whatever it Takes" by Chuck Noll. "It's a fine line between the SB and 6-10 by Bill Cowher. "The other 9 top 10 greatest LB's all time" by Andy Russell. "Who says Fullbacks can't be stars" by Rocky Bleier. Couple others I forgot or fell asleep. Uh! Some said Mel Blount provided a lot of info in the secondary book. Probably so. Anyone recall any other bonus books I left out?

    Carnell Lake: Consensus is this is a great hire. Hard to argue against that.

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