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    Exclamation Steeler Addicts is Mobile!

    SA is increasing our online and social media presence yet again! In addition to already being "android native" and online with Tapatalk, we now have our first Android App!

    The app will give live updates on breaking Steelers news, new threads posted in the Steelers section, new articles posted up in the blog, and a timeline of our recent tweets. The app can be configured to turn on and off the alerts. If they are on, you'll get alerts in the notification bar of your phone and you can click on that alert and go right to the app to read the full story. If you prefer, you can turn off the Alerts and just view the app whenever you like to get the updates. Each time you launch the app it will refresh the feeds for you. You can also manually refresh the feeds anytime by clicking the "refresh" button to the right of each section of the app. This app is "read only" , but it's quite handy whenever you want to see what new posts are being made. It makes getting breaking news more convenient than ever!

    The new app was created by an independent 3rd party, a very popular resource for many forums and blogs who want to have an android market presence. The banner ad at the bottom of the app does not generate any revenue for us, it's part of the setup determined by the app creator. Also, you will occasionally see a video ad when you launch a thread, which lasts for about 10 seconds or so. Again, we have no control over that but I have been assured you will not see it all the time when utilizing the app. This is basically how the company makes their money. They do have a plan that will eliminate ads completely, which we may go to at some point, and I would prefer that actually, but we want to see how this goes over for now.

    We are also, and have been for quite some time, on Tapatalk. For those that use the Tapatalk app, all you have to do is search for "steelers" or "steeler addicts" within Tapatalk and you'll see us. You can immediately bring up a Tapatalk version of SA and view, reply, start new threads, for any section of SA. You can also check your PM's via Tapatalk too. If you like, you can add SA to your favorites so it's easily accessible anytime you launch the app or set a widget on your phone so you can launch directly into SA via Tapatalk.


    To see some screenshots of the app you can click here

    If you have a barcode scanner on your phone now (such as shopsavvy), you can scan the image below and be taken directly to the app on the market. Or you can just search the Android Market for "steeleraddicts" and you'll find us. Please sure to comment and rate the app on the market.

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