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Thread: Sportsagentblog's 2011 Big Board

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    Sportsagentblog's 2011 Big Board

    Hey everyone, you may remember me from covering the Steelers for, I am now writing for and have my 2011 big board and top 5 out. I am updating it on a daily basis and making my own player profiles for EVERY player on my board. I also will be coming out with a Mock Draft soon. I hope you guys will check it out and leave a comment on the site if you have a second. Thanks everyone and GO STEELERS!

    2011 Big Board Last Updated: March 1, 2011
    These are the top overall players in the draft according to their potential of becoming starters/Pro Bowl/All-Pro players on the next level

    Top Tier/All-Pro potential
    1. CB Patrick Peterson ~ LSU
    2. DE Da’Quan Bowers ~ Clemson
    3. WR A.J. Green ~ Georgia
    4. LB Von Miller ~ Texas A&M
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    Check me out at the link below. I cover the Pittsburgh Steelers and contribute to other features on the site!

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