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Thread: Pre-Combine Draft Targets By Round

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    Quote Originally Posted by JollyRob68 View Post
    He was my wild card pick but I've read The Steelers like Kelvin Shepard.
    I like Sylvester Stevenson & would like to get Kelvin Shepad but I just dont think he'll be there in the third.
    I say 3rd because we need OL/CB in 1st & 2nd rounds. Unless Phil Taylor of Baylor is there and the decide to take him.
    The man with two last names is the truth....i love stevenson.

    going about it like that is a terrible way..."a OL and CB in the first 2 rounds" If we ended up with nate solder and Johnny patrick in the first 2 rounds id blow a ****ing gasket.

    id much rather have Carmichael and Gilbert in the mid rounds than 2 reaches and probable bums with a load of "potential" as #1 (mostly referring to solder, i hate him)

    Quote Originally Posted by coach View Post
    I'd take Pouncey 2 and anybody if I thought he would be there. He will be gone becuase the tackle class is weak. IMO, we will have our choice of OTs 4-6 (since top 3 will be gone), BPA or DB. Brandon Albert was gone by 31 and I think the top two centers were gone the next year. Last year the top interior linemaen were gone long before 31.
    What do you guys think of BPA on DL? I think I prefer a shut down corner due to need, but I am not sure I can convince myself it is happening.
    Steelers need a solid corner...were not getting a shut down corner, thats PP and PA, we can get a very very good corner in harris, williams, smith, brown, carmichael

    Quote Originally Posted by JollyRob68 View Post
    I wish I knew more about Ben Ijalana, the little I've seen I like. I also like Danny Watkins. However, at 31 if top OT gone & Pouncey Then you look at what DL has fallen ie Cam Heyward,Phil Taylor & CB Arron Williams,Brandon Harris, S Rahim Moore. I really like Curtis Brown CB Texas
    If heyward is at 31 they better take him, i dont care who else is there he will be the best player available at that point. id take moore in the second MAYBE....hes pretty soft, but hes rangy....we like a center fielder that can hit and make up for troys lack of discipline aka a good tackler, which moore is the opposite of

    i wish you guys didnt look at height as a make or break factor...brandon harris is 5-9 1/2 and 191...thats a stocky CB with great form, maybe excellent form and 4.45 speed which is great for a CB. many of you see 5-9 and go NOPE not him. im telling you though, hes the sex. Easily my #3 CB at this point, and may very well scare teams away since he measured a whole inch and a half shorter that he was know, like the length of an entire pinky finger
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