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    Mock this mock

    1...Derrick Sherrod OT

    Sherrod can start at right tackle as a rookie, giving the Steelers the option of moving Willie Colon to right guard, and could develop into a solid left tackle.

    2...Ras-i Dowling

    Dowling has great size and was once considered a 1st round pick before being injured for most of this past season.

    The Steelers usually like to let their rookies sit for most of their first season, although I believe Dowling could win that third corner spot out of camp.

    3...Robert Sands S

    I think there is a chance the Steelers cut Will Allen in the offseason and Ryan Mundy is currently a free agent.

    Sands is about 6’5’’, 220 pounds, and has great speed, the ability to come up in run support, and good field awareness.

    4...Lee Smith TE

    I think Matt Spaeth has finally played his last game as a Steeler and David Johnson has been used more as a full back.

    Smith could be another pick to help out the offensive line since he is solid as a blocker and his good hands and size would make him a nice red zone target.

    5,,,Kenrick Ellis DT

    The Steelers have been avoiding drafting a young defensive tackle to learn under Casey Hampton and Chris Hoke.

    I still don’t see them drafting a guy early and Ellis would be great value here with good explosiveness and ability to push the pocket.

    6...Benjamin Jacobs ILB

    Linebacker is not a need for the Steelers with good young guys like Jason Worilds and Stevenson Sylvestor, yet they did lose Thaddeus Gibson during the season and Keyaron Fox is a free agent.

    The Steelers seem to always take at least one linebacker every year no matter what and I wouldn’t be surprised if it was earlier than this.

    7...Alex Henery K

    Jeff Reed was cut by the Steelers during the season and Shaun Suisham is currently a free agent.

    In Heinz Field, the kicker is critical and Henery has proved to be accurate and to possess a strong leg.
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    Sharrod, Dowling, Sands, and Ellis would be nice picks.

    My concerns:

    1) If Sharrod came in at RT, would Colon be able to play RG or is he strictly a tackle?
    2) I really like Dowling, but I have heard that he will more than likely be an NFL safety. Would this make the Sands (who I also like) pick redundant?
    3) Will Ellis be on the board when the Steelers pick in the fifth?

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    I don't see them going OL 31st.

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    the only O-line pick i like at 31 is MP2 .. if colon were to stick around (which I doubt) that gives us 3 OT's

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    1...Derrick Sherrod OT

    I like him but he might be gone( all might be gone). I keep seeing Cam Heyward on the Board and Dont think we can pass him over. A. Smith is injury prone and Bret has Hammie issues. Also like Phil Taylor or CB A williams or Jimmy Smith

    2...Ras-i Dowling

    Like Ras he might slip into the 3rd due to injuries. If we go D in the first then go Oline or DB. I'd grab Robert Sands in the 2nd. We need DB help with Troy's injuries & Ryan being Slow

    3...Robert Sands S

    LOve Sands take in the second I also see us Taking A D Line in the 3rd,Ras or Austin Pettis

    4...Lee Smith TE

    I'll have to check him out but I'd rather have Austin Pettis Here or in the 3rd

    5,,,Kenrick Ellis DT

    I like him but with a couple failed drug test its not happening.
    Terrell McClain or Martin Parker Richmond or Soine Fua
    I read we have another 5. Alex Henery K

    6...Benjamin Jacobs ILB

    Akeem Dent< Joshua Bynes or Greg Lloyd

    7...Alex Henery K

    Lee Smith or FB Stanley Havili, Charles Clay, Owen Marceric

    --- Added 2/18/2011 at 08:34 PM ---

    Round 1 sets up the rest. Depending on who falls and is available.
    If OT Gabe,Nate( I havent seen Tyron or BEN) ,OG Pouncey,Watkins. I'd take one of them. However if they're not there I'm looking at CB( Brandon Harris,Jimmy Smith, Aaron Williams), Rahim Moore or Robert Sands. Phil Taylor NT and If Cam Heyward is there he's hard to bypass with all the injuries to Aaron Smith & losing Bret Keisel with Hammy issues.
    Our Pass rush sucked in the Super Bowl just as our DB coverage. OUr DL & DB are old and Injured. We can Take care of our Defense in the first & 2nd or !st & 3rd rounds. As long as we get a Good Guard I'll be happy. We need to grab a Free agent OL to help make our draft needs easier. I'd also like to sign Marcus Spears free agent DE from Dallas. He should be Cheap. If we signed him I'd want Phil Taylor and the DB's

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