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Thread: Favorite Play of all time

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    There are a ton but the interception of Harrison on MNF against the Chargers where he leaps over a player while at the same time Troy destroys Gates--> That is pre Goodell Steeler Football.

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    Tie between Troy's pick 6 in the AFC Championship game two years ago or James Harrison's 100 yard return. I also get all pumped when i see the Clark hit on Welker and Mcgahee. It gets me every time haha. Especially if there is some metal playing in the background

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    The immaculate reception. Greatest play in nfl history. Second, James Harrison's 100 yard int. in sb 43.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aaronsmith91 View Post
    Deshea's pick six to win the game against the cowboys back in 08'
    Did you know they played Renegade then stuffed a running play; then the Deshea pick 6? Coincidence? I think not.
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    tough there are many

    troy s interception of carson palmer where he tackles palmer to get in the td some years ago is one of my favorites

    off course ben to holmes in sb 43

    timing sack of tennesse qb by troy

    pump td of ben in the afc championship vs denver to wr cedric was awesome

    swann had a couple of incredible catches, i begin watching the steelers in 1977 so i have many

    bettis always moving his feet as the flinstones

    2008 regular season vs san diego 2 interceptions by troy one he picked up almost in the ground the other didnt count the league afterwards appologizes

    i could go on and on

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    Jack Lambert tossin Jackie Harris after he patted Gerela on the head after he missed a field goal in the S.B. Then he stood over him pointing his finger at him telling him basically to "wise the fuct up". That play is a classic and tells everybody what the STEELERS are all about !!

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    There are a few I cherish (and keep in mind that the '70s dynasty pre-dates me):

    1) James Harrison's interception return in SB43.
    2) Troy Polamalu's interception return in the AFCCG.
    3) Tie: Hines Ward's blocks on Ed Reed and Keith Rivers
    4) Ike Taylor's hit on Pat White simply due to the ferocity.

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