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Thread: Superbowl Poem (02/06/11)

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    Superbowl Poem (02/06/11)

    Had to wait a while before I could rewatch the game and write about it! :-)

    Superbowl Sunday - the biggest game of the year
    The way the season went - who thought weíd make it here?
    It would be Steel Town vs. Title Town - storied franchises collide
    Both teams have large fan bases extending world wide
    Each team overcame a lot of injuries and kept winning anyway
    The game should be a good one - we couldnít wait for them to play
    Six minutes in and Jordy Nelson put points on the board
    Then Ben was picked and six more points were scored
    On our next drive it looked like Ben hurt his knee
    But then he ran for 18 yards and helped Suisham get us three
    Green Bay punted and it would be our turn again
    But soon would come another interception from Ben
    It wouldnít take long and the Packers added to their lead
    Ward got the TD before halftime that we did so desperately need
    The Packers opened the half but they would have to punt
    This game was far from over - we were still in the hunt
    The Steelers ran the ball all the way and in for the score
    Momentum shifting our way now and their lead was cut to four
    Our next drive was a field goal miss - that is never good
    And Ben overthrew Wallace - we never thought he could
    The 3rd quarter for the Packers didnít go very well
    But it was the 4th for the Steelers that would turn out to be hell
    Rashard would fumble as it was just getting started
    Looking back this is when we started feeling brokenhearted
    The Packers would take the lead again to go up by eleven
    We can never give up hope when we have # 7
    He took us down the field and hit Wallace for a score
    And then a pitch to Randle El and we added 2 points more
    The Packers were able to get downfield and Mason Crosby kicks
    A successful field goal so now theyíre up by 6
    Two minutes to go needing a score should be a happy ending
    But it just wasnít our day and our broken hearts are mending
    Steeler Nation - donít be sad - wear your colors with pride
    Lots of good memories this season - itís been a wonderful ride
    Packers - you deserve it - you played some really good football
    We still love our Steelers - you canít win them all!

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    don’t be sad - wear your colors with pride

    I am not and i will always wear the black and gold with much pride. Very nice as always. Thanks.

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    Well said!

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