We need to trade a star player(just one) to make sure our defense stays fresh and doesnt get old as we will after this season. we have............................

Keisel,Hampton,Smith=about 32-33 (eason,hoke,hood)-not exactly playoff dline
Woodley,Farrior,Timmons,Harrison= Kind of young but need more from Ml
Ike,Gay,McFad,Troy,Clark=not the greatest secondary.(age-29)around.

Seriosuly, we have some kind of depth but not the depth we need right now to make another superbowl. We need to make a trade or bring a huge FA in right now to silitify ourdefense again.

lETS FACE IT FELLAS THIS DEFENSE INST THE YOUNGEST OF THE NFL, actually were prob one of the oldest.

So if we were to trade one of our own who would you choose, and people, dont say I wouldnt trade any of these guys because they are a true steelers. Lets all be realistic.

1. Ward
2. Woodley
3. Harrison
4. Timmons
5. Troy
6. Clark
7. Keisel
8. Smith
9. Wallace