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Thread: Mendenhall

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    I think the light is just starting to come on with Mendy, he's looked real good this post-season. I see him going from strength to strength.

    To really flourish, he needs to be able to do more than just run right though!!

    Everyone has a weakness, Mendy secures the ball better than what he used to, but old habits die hard, runners have gone through seasons with no fumbles or 1 or 2, I can deal with that, Green bay keyed on it, so that is a problem, . . . there is room for improvement here, improve his ball security and he'll be a great one.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pimplydan View Post
    I don't remember Mendy having fumbles this year , does somebody know how many he had .
    He fumbled twice in the regular season in 324 carries.

    In the post season, he fumbled twice, in 61 carries. Once in the divisional round once in the SB.

    In his career (regular season) he's had 5 fumbles in 585 carries, or an average of once every 117 carries.

    Doesn't seem like it's excessive to me.

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    I am probably the hardest on Mendy because of his toughness,dancing in the backfield and he has gotten better with his fumbles but he can pay BIG dividends when he and the OL are on, without a fumble and a SB 45 win he might have been MVP.
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    Would anyone be surprised if we drafted a speedster at RB in the mid-rounds of the draft? Lot depends on the offense and if Arians is still employed, but just a thought.
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    Spin-den-hall will be fine, but he has to remember he's not Chris Johnson and can't keep spinning around and dodging would be tacklers, run them over!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SteelDad View Post
    Would anyone be surprised if we drafted a speedster at RB in the mid-rounds of the draft? Lot depends on the offense and if Arians is still employed, but just a thought.
    I'd love to get a speed back, but not with an early-mid pick. I'd take Noel Devine late in the draft, but hopefully we pick up a guy like Jerious Norwood, or a guy like Cadillac Williams to replace Mewelde Moore. LeGarrette Blount has locked up the starting gig in Tampa Bay, and Williams doesn't really have much of a future there anymore.

    He was, statistically, the best third down back in the league last year, and I like that. Basically a replacement for Mewelde Moore.

    And I'd also like to draft Owen Marecic from Stanford, a true run-blocking FB. Starts at both FB and LB for them, knows how to hit, and most importantly, knows how to block well. Just look at how succesful Toby Gerhart was. Look up his highlights on youtube and look at #48 blocking in front of him.

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    It seems like Mendenhall got away from the high and tight philosophy towards the end of the season and he kept holding that arm out in space. Just needs to address the way he holds on and we're golden.

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    I like Mendy. He sure as hell didnt have as many fumbles this year as years passed. I'll keep him. But we need another running back (Dwyer?) to help Mendy out. I like Redman but I dont think hes that type of back. Hes more short yardage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clevelandsux View Post
    This guy has so much potential. When he's on, he reminds me of Franco Harris. Other times he dances, doesn't hit the holes. And he's a fumbler. His fumble yesterday was the icing on the cake. You cannot cough up the ball in that situation in a sb. Ok I'll give Matthews credit, he made a great play. But Mendenhall has fumbled before, and yesterdays was huge. We were about to take the lead. I just don't know about this guy.
    other than them being steelers, how are mendy and harris at all similar?

    at the end of the day the best athlete (which is clearly mendy) should be the RB .. we can live with a fumble here and there moreso than we could with mewelde moore being unexplosive

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    Potential? Potential signifies that he hasn't really done anything yet. Was I the only one watching the post season? He ran harder than I've seen any Steeler back run since the Bus left. He's got speed and power, what more do you want in a back? As for the fumbling, uh, I haven't really noticed any fumbling. If anything, it's his LACK of fumbling that should be recognized. He coughs up the ball rarely. Aside from the superbowl, I can't even remember the last time he's fumbled, and I certainly can't remember it happening a lot. Last point: the reason he dances so much is because there are never any holes open for him to run down the middle. He has to dance to not get stuffed every play. He does good things when he runs to the outside. Until we get a good offensive line, he should be rushed to the outside every time. I don't care how repetitive it is, it's the only thing that works.

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