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Thread: Smoked Ribs

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    Smoked Ribs

    This is the rub I use on my ribs, the ones I made for the SB turned out to be the best ones I've made yet.

    Rub Recipe:
    1 Cup Brown sugar
    1 Tbs garlic salt
    1 Tbs Paprika
    1 T ground red pepper
    1 T black pepper

    Mix it all up very well in a small tupperware bowl that you can store when your done.

    Depending on the size of your smoker you may need to cut the ribs in half (I have a smaller smoker I bought at Lowes for $75 I think, its electric, which regulates the heat very well for somewhat consistent smoking, if your new to smoking then electric is the way to go) and remove the membrane on the back, this makes the ribs easier to eat, and makes them more tender.

    The night before (or day of to be honest its not a HUGE deal to prep the night before) rub a little olive oil on your ribs (helps the rub stick and helps the ribs stay moist) and then put the rub on generously. Let it sit over night in the fridge (again this isnt needed but it helps a little bit).

    I use woodchunks to smoke with, not wood chips, but either way make sure you get a good smoke going before you throw the ribs on. Once the ribs are on, I recomend a "mop" abotu twice an hour (on the meaty part of the ribs). In a small paper or plastic cup mix 1 part Olive Oil and 3 parts Apple vinegar. Apply this with a brush while the ribs are smoking.

    Depending on how meaty the ribs are this should take anywhere from 3-5 hours.

    I use a meat thermometer and consider my ribs done 10 min after the meatiest part is 180 degrees.

    Remove ribs from smoke, enjoy!

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    sounds good now all I need is a smoker,,,,

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    WOW...those sound awesome...I have been wanting a smoker

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    These do sound awesome!

    Somebody should make these at FF this year!

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    Now i can't wait to spark up the Q man. That sounds so damn good. You can never go wrong with ribs.

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    sounds great cannot wait till the grill is going !!
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    sounds good, I just bought a new smoker the other day. I'll have to give your recipe a try. I prefer electric ones for the same reason, easy to control the heat. I also use a meat thermometer that sends the temperature to a wireless unit. makes it nice being able to set the temperature on the electric smoker insert the thermometer and go inside and watch TV until the alarm sounds.

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    My wife has been on a rib kick lately, we might bust out this recipe here pretty soon.

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