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Thread: Tomlin's clock management the last 2-3 minutes of the game...

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    Going down 14 points and losing Saunders was fatal . Ben had his B game and that was not enough .

    Green Bay played well all together . Rodgers was on his game , he played his A game .

    His receivers even missed some catchable balls . What are you going to do ? Just like Cowher said to his young daughter when he lost the superbowl to Dallas after the game ; (you win some and you lose some )

    That's about it .

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    Calm down guys, the time out mattered little as they may of needed it later. The Fg attempt was my only questionable call, and it too mattered little. Fact is Their D made plays, our D didn't. Our qb played well enough to win, theirs played balls out and deserved the win. They just beat us, kinda like the punditd thought they would. We had match up problems all night. Good season.

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    Some of the issues that plagued Tomlin this season occured in the game last night as well. Poor decision-making on the FG attempt (we saw this several times) and the 2-minute drill was an abortion of epic proportions.
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    Tomlin's clock management has always been suspect. He is a motivator and leader for this team, but he is not a tactician. He does a good job in getting the team to stay in games mentally, but I've had some problems with him getting them fired up before the games and using timeouts and challenges. The players have some areas to address this offseason, and so does the coaching staff.

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