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Thread: Common Steeler Packers opponents

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    Common Steeler Packers opponents

    Packers split with the Falcons
    lost to the Patriots
    Win vs Jets
    Lost to the Fins
    win vs Bills


    Win vs. Falcons
    split with the Jets
    win vs. Fins
    win vs. Bills
    lost to the Pats


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    Packers also lost to bad teams like Lions and Redskins this season as well,while the Steelers losses all were to playoff teams the Ravens,Saints,Patriots,and Jets. If the Steelers dont beat themselves in this game the bottom line is they win...They are a better overall football team across the board compared to the Packers...

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    The best D the Packers have seen this year until today was the Bears and they managed 16 Points average in 3 games. I really think the steelers hold them under 20.

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    It's all about who plays the best for 60 minutes tonight. Somebody in here siad yesterday that they were hoping for a game that combined the second half of the Ravens game with the first half of the Jets game.

    I want me some of that, too.

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