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Thread: Sweed Speaks

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    All i can say is bust!. This guy dropped two sure touchdowns in the playoffs two years ago. He's just not the real deal.
    Cleveland Browns suck!

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    Sweed was a 2nd rounder with potential 1st round talent... He's had some bad lukc with injuries, but hopefully he has hit the weights and done everything he can to help himself try and stay healthy. I say he definately makes the team if he's healthy... So much upside on this guy. (ARE, Battle not soe much). +A. Brown will be ready to field 100% of the punts next year anyways.

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    Sweed's problems lie in his head, not his physical ability. He'll never be decent on a team like ours.

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    So youre saying Sweed and Wallace out side with Sanders Brown and Ward mixing it up in the slot? That works for me! I like Sweed and still think he has big play capability out there. I just wanted to where he would work best.

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    I am very optimistic about Sweed's future with the black and gold. I have a feeling that he will replace ARE or Battle and turn some heads in a positive fashion. Yeah, he had dropped passes, but does anyone remember this?

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    Quote Originally Posted by coldrolled View Post
    • Wide receiver Limas Sweed was a star receiver just a few years ago at nearby University of Texas, making him sort of a media darling at Cowboys Stadium. Sweed, who is recovering for an Achilles injury, may not figure into the Steelers plans after the season, given the emergence of rookies Antonio Brown and Emmanuel Sanders. Sweed thinks he is in the Steelers' long-term plans. "I believe so," he said.
    Wallace - long term
    Sanders - long term
    Brown - long term
    Randle El - likely gone after SB XLV
    Ward - maybe 1 or 2 more years

    Keeping Sweed around to see if he can contribute makes sense. What do they really have to lose by doing so? I hope he sticks around; think this kid has a big upside, and he appears to be coachable.

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    He will shine next year...

    Or, his replacement will.

    I would like to see him succeed.

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    I like Sweed,if it doesn't work out at WR see if he can tackle and make him a CB.
    It's no fun when the rabbit has the gun

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    Sweed's confidence, or lack of, is the main reason he will be unable to see the field wearing black and gold.

    Like someone stated earlier, it's mental with Lameass Sweed, not physical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    sweeds problem is not a lack of effort or hard work...hes a very dedicated player and has done everything right. calling sweed lazy is just wrong, i do think he was gonna have a decent year and contribute before the injury since year 3 is usually the money year for WRs like him. he dropped a few passes but hes been itching to get back out there.
    Compassion. Pass it on. Nice one K Train.

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