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Thread: Sweed Speaks

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    Think of it this way, yes he has dropped a few clutch passes, but silver lining is as a rookie and an 2nd year player, he was getting very wide open without a major grasp or comfort level of the offense.

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    Isn't Sweed a free agent after the season? I really hope they resign him i feel that he will shine elsewhere for some reason haha.

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    I heard that Sweed is now catching any and everything the jug machine can throw at him. And that wasn't the case before. I think Sweed has now seen what it takes to be a Steeler and he's ready to fufill his potential. We need a big, red zone WR and a guy who will take that double team off of Wallace. No disprect to Brown or Sanders because I love them too.

    Man we have a lot of WR.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    Id say give him another chance on that one block he did against I think it was the Ravens...practically killed the guy

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    Ward's coming back for next year at least. I doubt his family is going to tell him to call it quits.

    Sweed deserves one more chance, so...he'll be around for at least training camp.

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    I think Sanders can play out-side since his route running is so silky smooth at times......He needs to add some strength no doubt especially against the physical corners across the NFL......

    As for Limas Sweed and I agree with him that he is in the Steelers long term plans....No reason to cut him especially since he is still on his rookie contract.....If he stays healthy and blows up during the camp/pre-season then great......If Sweed continues dropping balls then it will be an easy cut......It wouldn't make sense to give up on him at all.....I still think Sweed can be an NFL WR and maybe even a star.......

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    Lets give the guy a FULL season first. Then we can make our assesment

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    You can't teach Catching as someone said before especially when it's in your head, he is no doubt a good route runner and a descent blocker (one block doesn't make him a great blocker) which is really just a bonus you might get in a good receiver.
    The whole thing is that as a RECEIVER the biggest priority is to CATCH the ball otherwise the position wouldn't be called receiver. Re·ceiv·er Football . a player on the offensive team who catches, is eligible to catch, or is noted for the ability to catch a forward pass

    We will see next year as we all have been saying for the last 3, I hope he comes through but I doubt it, the 3 year thing is overrated nowadays, especially if you play for the Steelers.
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    I think Sweed can come around, its all in his head and that is the beauty of having a whole season to work without pressure, you can get that crap out of your head. If he turns it around, I am hoping he does, we could have an amazing WR core. This next season is the last on his contract, so I hope he turns it around.

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    I'd like to see Sweed come back and bounce Randle El from the team...after El throws his 2nd Super Bowl TD pass tomorrow...

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