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Thread: Hines Ward Q&A

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    Hines Ward Q&A

    Q: If you win, will you ride off into the sunset?

    A: Ah, I don’t know. My mom asked me that the other day. I haven’t really thought about it to be honest. I don’t want to make an emotional decision based off that. I know Jerome went out on top and stuff like that. But I don’t know. To be honest with you I really don’t. I haven’t really thought about it. I just want to be singularly focused on trying to win this ballgame and figure out whatever happens after that happens.

    Q: You don't fit the profile of the typical star receiver, do you?

    A: I don’t care about a profile. We’re winning ballgames. There are a lot of superstars out there who’ve never played in a Super Bowl. I’m blessed to be playing in my third Super Bowl. If I win this I think my record and what I’ve done in the post-season, regular season, will speak for itself.

    Q: How can a two-time champ be the underdog against a team it beat last time they played?

    A: Because we’re not flashy. We’re not flashy. Look at Ben’s stats. Nobody even talks about Ben being one of the elite quarterbacks in our league. I mean, I thought you guys when you judged quarterbacks it’s all about wins and losses and Super Bowls. Well, he’s 10-2 in the playoffs. I don’t know why he’s not considered up there with some of the great guys. But we’re not a flashy bunch. We can. We have showed flashes that we can go out there and do it, but we just find ways to win games. And our defense is the reason we’re in the Super Bowl. They played phenomenal all year. I don’t know. Whoever the oddsmakers are, they do it as a business. But to be favorites, underdogs – we’ve been on both sides and we’ll just still go out and play. A lot of us have been there before so we won’t get caught up into all the things that come with Super Bowls. We like playing the underdog role.

    Q: Do you and the older veterans appreciate this more?

    A: Yeah. We’re in the latter part. We know we don’t have a lot of time left in our careers, especially with this lockout going on. This may be the best opportunity we have. You appreciate it more, looking around and seeing the enjoyment and getting all the tickets and getting the hotel, flight for your family and stuff. You get a greater appreciation out of it, so we’re excited about it. We don’t want to just be happy to be in the Super Bowl; we want to be happy if we win it all. We’re wearing our white jerseys and we’re 2-0 (3-0 in team history) with that, so we’re going to ride that out.

    Q: On possibly winning the Super Bowl with the lockout looming:

    A: (Laughs) You can be a Super Bowl champion for two years possibly. But we’re going there to try to win it. We’re not just happy to be there considering nobody picked us to be there. I think Peter King was the only one who predicted us. He jumped off the bandwagon but we never been the ones to be favored. Nobody predicted we’d be there but we believed in each other – guys went down, not having Ben, Aaron Smith goes down, our offensive line’s been playing musical chairs, Troy was out three or four games. Yet, here we are. We found ourselves in the Super Bowl. I think that speaks volumes about our team.

    Q: People seem to give the big edge to Green Bay’s receivers over ‘the old guy and all those kids’:

    A: Donald Driver’s older than me. They put up great numbers because Aaron’s slinging the ball all around. You look at us, we’re not like that, so they’re the prettier team on tape because they’re slinging it around to all the different wideouts. Well, you put our five guys out there and we’ll compete with anybody in the league if we want to get into that matchup.

    By Jim Wexell
    26 January 2011
    Whether he's answering questions or out on the field, Hines keeps it real. Notice the jabs at some of the Packers comments? How sweet would that be, to be the Super Bowl Champs for 2 years?!?!?!

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    He is a class act . He is your prototype steeler player very humble. I love this guy to death and allways will.

    For me he's is one of my all time favourite steelers , I will miss him when he is gone.

    I'll miss his smile when he picks himself off the ground after a big play , or his shuffle square dance celebration after a TD.

    I hope he gets his 3rd superbowl ring that should bye him a ticket to Canton , that's if he doesn't already have it . Which i think he does.

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    I will miss his clutch plays and how he drove the Ravens and their fans freaking nuts for years. He bitch slapped Mcallister into a personal foul penalty and got him off his game everytime. They hate him here in Bmore.

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    I think when you look up tough WR in the dictionary there is a picture of Hines. He boils everything down, I love his response to being an underdog.

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    This guy is our WR and beloved Steeler. He is going to be missed should he ride off in the sunset. There will never be another Hines Ward, not even if we all live to be 500.

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    I would love to see Hines come back to shatter 1,000 receptions. Although, I could understand him retiring after garnering three Super Bowl Rings (if it happens). Sure shot, first ballot, Hall of Famer. I will be in Canton on the day it happens.

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