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Thread: It's About Time

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    It's About Time

    It's about time these two great franchises got together in a Super Bowl. These are two of the greatest franchises in the NFL. The Packers are clearly the greatest team from the pre-Super Bowl era and the Steelers are the best of the Super Bowl era.

    This is a great match-up first and foremost. Both teams have great defenses and good leaders at the QB position. Obviously Rodgers still needs that ring to thrust himself into the elite discussion. He's a great young QB who has shown so far that he can win in the playoffs. Ben has the edge in experience and can lead a two minute offense like no other QB.

    It will be interesting to see which defensive mind comes up with the better strategy: LeBeau or Capers. I think the Steelers have the edge at DL and LB. Don't get me wrong, Clay Matthews is great and all, but the Steelers have the best starting four LBs in the game. Both front sevens will create problems for the opposing o-line. I personally cannot wait to see who can withstand the pressure better (although we kinda have an idea of what that answer is going to be).

    Also this Green Bay team reminds me an awful lot of the 2005 Steelers. It's a similar run and I'm kind of worried about meeting a team this hot this late in the year. Although the Cardinals were on fire when we met them and look how that turned out...........

    Let the media frenzy begin...........

    "When Gotham is ashes, you have my permission to die."

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    Steel City meets title town. Can't wait.

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    Definately going to be a super superbowl this year .Great match up .2 teams with alot of history. 2 teams that have won it before .

    2 teams with hot QB'S and good defenses .

    2 teams with great defensive coaches.

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    FINALLY, a worthy fanbase

    I can't begin to express how excited I am that the NFL's two most blue collar, old school, smash mouth, in your face, throwback teams will be playing for the world championship. Our respective fans are simply the greatest in the league. I know a thing or two about the fans we've encountered in Super Bowls past...

    • I WAS AT SUPER BOWL XL - The game may have been lousy but our fans sheer numbers were truly a sight to see. It was estimated that 85% were Pittsburgh supporters, imagine Heinz Field with a roof. No disrespect to the Seahawks fans who braved the trip but their turnout was flat out pathetic. The one thing I can say is that they were polite (but so what)

    • I VISIT PHOENIX two months after Super Bowl XLIII - My buddy who lives there told me the city rolled out the red carpet for the Cards (no pun intended) two weeks before the game then support disappeared afterwards. Thats what their fans are, lifelong Cardinals fans for two weeks. I even wore my Steelers shirt out in public and walked around with impunity. Before that season SI even ranked the fanbases of the NFL: Steelers were no.1, Cardinals no.32

    NOW - We get to see Steel City vs Titletown. The two fanbases alone already make this a game for the ages.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kgreen View Post
    He's a great young QB who has shown so far that he can win in the playoffs.
    He's only a year younger than Ben. He just spent a few years behind Favre wasting away. Whereas Ben was thrust right into the starting position due to injury.

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