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Thread: 2007 NFL Draft

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    2007 NFL Draft

    With the season about to be over we will soon find out at what spot we will be picking...

    Here is the current order...

    1. Detroit (2-13)
    2. Oakland (2-13)
    3. Cleveland (4-11)
    4. Tampa Bay (4-11)
    5. Arizona (5-10)
    6. Houston (5-10)
    7. Washington (5-10)
    8. Minnesota (6-9)
    9. San Francisco (6-9)
    10. Miami (6-9)
    11. St. Louis (7-8)
    12. Atlanta (7-8)
    13. Carolina (7-8)
    14. Green Bay (7-8)
    15. Pittsburgh (7-8)
    16. NY Giants (7-8)
    17. Buffalo (7-8)
    18. New England (from Seattle) (8-7)
    19. Kansas City (8-7)
    20. Jacksonville (8-7)
    21. Cincinnati (8-7)
    22. Tennessee (8-7)
    23. Dallas (9-6)
    24. NY Jets (9-6)
    25. Philadelphia (9-6)
    26. Denver (9-6)
    27. New Orleans (10-5)
    28. New England (11-4)
    29. Indianapolis (11-4)
    30. Baltimore (12-3)
    31. Chicago (13-2)
    32. San Diego (13-2)

    Here is how the tie breakers work out...

    • Strength of schedule for the previous season is the first tie-breaker for teams with the same winning percentage.

    • Divisional and conference records are the next step in the tie-breaking procedure.

    • As a last resort, a coin toss is used to determine the order of selection for teams with the same winning percentage.

    • If a playoff and non-playoff team end the season with the same winning percentage, the non-playoff team selects before the playoff team regardless of strength of schedule.
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    Yeah we'll be in that 10-17 range depending on a win or loss by us and wins/losses by other teams.
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    Yup, that's about average for our record. I wouldnt expect it to change more than a couple spots either way depending on the outcome on sunday.

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    we r still only worse than 6 NFC teams

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    House of Steel
    Rk PV Pos Name College
    1 1 WR Calvin Johnson Georgia Tech --- No
    2 2 RB Adrian Peterson Oklahoma -- Wouldn't even drop to us for sure, wouldn't be a bad pick either
    3 8 OT Joe Thomas Wisconsin --- Definitely if he would slide down to us. Big help, but I am not counting on him being there.
    4 3 QB Brady Quinn Notre Dame -- No need for this.
    5 - QB Jamarcus Russell LSU --- No Need for this.
    6 6 DT Alan Branch Michigan --- Keep an eye this guy, He could end up picked before us, nice little problem to have if Joe Thomas slides to us also.
    7 12 DE Gaines Adams Clemson -- Could be a nice addition.
    8 4 OT Sam Baker USC -- Wouldn't mind this guy either.
    9 5 WR Ted Ginn Ohio State -- Would be amazing if he would be up for grabs. He could make an immediate impact on Special Team where he is successful and being reunited with Holmes could benefit both.
    10 9 CB Leon Hall Michigan -- The Secondary is young, but would this be a need??? No.
    11 8 RB Marshawn Lynch California -- Not a bad pick to consider either. We need to get back to power running Football.
    12 10 DE Quentin Moses Georgia -- Would be a nice fit.
    13 - OT Jake Long Michigan -- Take a long consideration for this guy, he is darn good.
    14 14 DE Lamarr Woodley Michigan -- Michigan is known to have some great defensive specialist and this kid had a good year.
    15 13 OT Justin Blalock Texas -- I am sure Koopa would be high on this guy, needed to get younger on the line, he could make an impact at start.
    16 11 CB Darrelle Revis Pittsburgh -- Nope
    17 16 WR Jeff Samardzija Notre Dame -- Nope
    18 19 OLB Keith Rivers USC -- Possible, but we will see pending Porter's situation.
    19 - DT Amobi Okoye Louisville --- Not a bad choice, but there are better
    20 - WR Dwayne Jarrett USC -- Nope.

    Here is the TOP 20 Draft Prospects for the 2007 NFL Draft, where could the Steelers be successful in the First Round pick? Who would your choice be?

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    How is jarret less than jeff smagahh35tesfrtgawh Jarret is a great player

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    Jake Long is returning to school next year so he won't be available in this draft.

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