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Thread: Thanks & good luck (Not too much)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jetsknicks1 View Post
    I, ve been her for a week and it's been fun goin back & forth with most of you, Steellerbabe25x & NHstlrfan especially.
    Good luck (Not too much)
    Good game (Not too good)
    No injuries (Sincere)
    And may the day end with a NEW YORK JETS VICTORY!!!!!

    GO JETS!
    Thanks. No hard feelings yeah? Gotta represent my team when people are bad talking But in the end, go Steelers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LarryNJ View Post
    You just had to add that little jab. We wouldn't expect anything less from a North Jersey/NY personality.

    All in all you guys have been fun this week. Enjoy the game I'm sure it will be exciting Go Stillers!
    Lol. Yea you can take me out of NY but you can't take the NY out of me. I also think it will be an excellent game to watch. Looking forward to coming back after the game. GO JETS!

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelersbabex25 View Post
    Thanks. No hard feelings yeah? Gotta represent my team when people are bad talking But in the end, go Steelers.
    No hard feelings at all. Gotta stand by your team. GO JETS!

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    I hope the Jets crash and But jetsknicks1 you're right man here is to a great hard fought game with no injuries.......Its hard watching Santonio in his great/white uni for me.....I will always be a Holmes fan for making that catch in Super Bowl XLIII against the Cards....Just hope he loses today......

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    You know he never came back after the game.

    Typical Jets fan. Probably a Giants fan now.
    Quote Originally Posted by LatrobePA View Post
    Wallace sucks.
    Quote Originally Posted by Big T View Post
    Rahim Moore needs to be shot. Never seen such putrid safety play in my life.
    Quote Originally Posted by Black@Gold Forever32 View Post
    Best thread in sometime and I agree....I rather eat **** and die then ever root for the Baltimore Ravens

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