I am new to the posting, but would just like to share w/ the people here something I wrote in the last few days about our Great team. I recently moved back to the area and am thrilled to be able to watch them every week! Anyway, here's my poem..

The Story of The Black & Gold
(January 2010)

Listen my children and you’ll be told
Of the wondrous story of the Black and Gold
On the 8th of July, 1933
No one today could begin to believe
In the greatest team that was started that year.
It started in Pittsburgh, that glorious town,
By “The Chief”, Art Rooney Senior, with nary a sound
Without any fanfare, rejoicing or cheer.

Many years passed with hardy a win.
The team had been laughed at again and again.
We had our great players; our brave men of steel
But things didn’t click then; they didn’t seem real.
We even combined teams then during the War
And were known as the Steagles, a terrible chore.
But we learned how to make the best of the ordeal.

The 50’s and 60’s were very lean times.
We had no great players; no reason or rhyme.
As hard as we tried then nothing seemed to go right
Few games did we win; neither day games nor night.
Mr. Rooney decided to give them a fright
And began drafting players who’d be able to fight.

The 70’s came and looked like to be
The same old same Steelers; the bottom of the heap.
Then Rooney decided to dig out of theat hole
He got us a new coach, a man named Chuck Noll.
And then with a vengeance he started to build
An offence and defense; the holes he did fill.
A QB named Bradshaw. And running backs, too.
Franco and Rocky, the names of the two.
With Swan, then and Stallworth, and Fuque Frenchie
Receivers they were, and so fast on their feet.
A kicker named Roy, could usually get three.
His “gorillas” cheered loud when he’d make them with ease.

A center named Webster, and linemen galore.
On defense he gathered the terrible four.
L.C. and Mean Joe, Dwight White and Holmes.
Steel Curtain Defense was how they were known.
Linebackers 3, they were ever so tough
Lambert, Ham, Russel. They all knew their stuff.
With Blount, Shell, and Wagner, and Johnson outside
The defense was awesome and so full of pride.

We needed a gimmick, an angle, a ploy.
It came from an announcer who always said “yoy”
The name of this wise man was dear Myron Cope
He thought of a way to give our team hope.
A “Terrible Towel” that was waved by the fans.
A symbol that soon became feared in the lands.
The other teams knew when they started to see
The Black and Gold flying that our team would be
Psyched up so much that the score would be close
A win or a loss? Only God would know.
But if nothing else they would put up a fight
And the Steelers would not go quietly into the night.
No one could believe how the “Towel” was accepted
Fans would be waving from Northside to Bedford
McKees Rocks, Monroeville, and our Shady Side
The whole town of Pittsburgh! It spread nationwide!
Fans all around wherever we played
Could be seen with a Towel in their hands that they waved!
It seemed that this was what the Black and Gold needed
An emblem behind which they knew they’d succeed!

An “Immaculate Reception” was our first play-off win.
And from there it went uphill. Our streak would begin.
Four Super Bowl rings they did win for the team.
The rest of the league was an envious green.
We basked in the glory. What more could we ask.
How little we knew of what would come to pass.

The 80’s were bad; lots of players retired.
And though losing seasons, Coach Noll was not fired.
He stayed with the team through the good years and bad
And started rebuilding. But fans were still sad.

The 90’s weren’t too bad. We had Woodson and Hodge.
Then Coach Noll retired. And Cowher came to “Dodge”.
He would have a great record and a Blitzburgh defense.
Dick LeBeau came on board then. It all started making sense.
We had Lloyd, Greene, and Kirkland, and Brown as LB’s.
Who’d make up the basis of that great Blitsburgh D.
The team met the Cowboys, our nemesis team
On the field of the Super Bowl; number thirty.
As hard as we tried to bring home a big win
O’Donnell’s interceptions just did the team in.

It would be 10 more years before we were back to that Game
And the road that we took there brought the team more fame.
Maddox got hurt at the start of the season
And fans of the team all started in grieving.
We thought we were through ‘fore we’d even begun
But a rookie had been found who was a big gun.
He threw the ball far and with the greatest of ease.
And scrambled for yardage as quick as you please.
The fans started thinking that we had a chance
But alas that year was not our “turn to dance”.
It came for us next year, the team started to win
With our young quarterback everyone called “Big Ben”.
The team made the playoffs, as a wildcard team
Black and Gold towels were flying and home fans all screamed.
A Wild Card team had not ever defeated
The teams that were ranked 1, 2, and 3 seeded.

That brought back the greatness we’d known way back when
And it brought all together another group of men.
Names of the players would be household names.
It’s a sure bet that many will be Hall of Fame.
Those ’05 Steelers included Big Ben,
Hines Ward, Heathe Miller, and Parker, his friend.
Bettis “the Bus”, Antwaan Randel El.
Porter and Faneca and Farrior as well.
Hampton and Kiesel and Chris Kemoeatu,
Taylor and Townsend and Troy Polamalu.
A special teams kicker of whom we were proud
Jeff Reed was the name that was shouted out loud
When they got in the “red zone” and then couldn’t score
Reed would be called on to get us 3 more.

Then Cowher decided he’d done all he could
And in ’06 retired; the Rooneys understood.
A new coach they needed and started a search
And found us Mike Tomlin to take up the perch.
He took that group of players and added to the mix.
They worked so well together that they brought home number 6.

And here we are at present, most of the names have stayed the same.
Some retired, left, or traded; the rest still played the game.
We’ve added some new ones to fill in the holes.
They’re big shoes to fill but they’ve taken control.
Mendenhall and Wallace are as fast as can be.
And if they don’t score us one, Suisham can get us three.
And let’s not forget the one holding the line
Our Pro Bowler Rookie, Marc Pouncey’s so fine.

A team full of history; some new and some old
Make us proud that we follow the great Black and Gold.
The story’s not over. We can go on from here.
Will we win number 7? Will this be our year?
The one that would know is the Man in the sky.
And He’s not telling us that, so we’ll just have to try
To win one for Myron and his Terrible Towel
He’s waving one from heaven. He’s showing us how.
It’s up to us fans now to take on that load
Of cheering out loud for our Black and our Gold.