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Thread: Steelers winning the Superbowl is a nightmare of Cowboys fans

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    From the 4 teams left a Steelers Packers Super Bowl would be the ultimate FU to Jerry. 2 teams with a storied histories. The team of the 60's and team of the 70's playing in the palace that the team of the 90's built.
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    And to think if no make that when we do win it not only will it be our 7th but we will have won it on the same field the cowgirls play on..

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    I suspect that the players who actually PLAY in the game are "taking it one game at a time", and "not getting ahead of themselves"............

    Since I'm just a fan on a forum, I am definetely looking forward to the possibility of the Steelers raising the 7th Lombardi on the 50 yard line on top of the Dallas Cowgirls star!!

    I doubt that my dreams will effect the players in any way. It sure is fun for me though.

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