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    Antonio Brown

    Can't believe nobody is talking about this guy. Out of Sanders and Brown, it's Brown who appears to be faster out of the two. I think they were both clocked at 4.4, but Brown's game speed is quicker, not as quick as Wallace, but pretty damn close. And his routes might even be a little better then Wallace's imo, I have to see more of him before I can say for sure. Point is that it looks like we have 2 up and coming, and 3 all around speed demon receivers that can all stretch the field vertically. I'm willing to bet they feature Brown in this Jets game at some time because he looks ready. That catch he made on Saturday against the Ravens was just dirty, I didn't even realize he stuck it to his helmet like that because I missed the replay with all the noise around me lol but that's top speed and serious determination right there. Get this guy the ball!

    ps. still can't stand seeing Holmes in that Jets jersey........
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