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Thread: Antonio Brown

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    Quote Originally Posted by DIESELMAN View Post
    Yeah, basically he said **** it, if it gets intercepted, it would be like a punt. So they went for it.....gutsy, ballsy call by Ben!!
    I agree its a gutsy call by Ben, but don't you wish the OC would do that instead of calling a 15 yard route on a 3rd and 19? Honestly, the game planning icontinues to be sub-par for a final four team. I know the team will have to execute to beat the Jets, but execution of a poor strategy can be as deadly as not executing a good one.

    Just for a moment, could you imagine what Pete Carroll's conversation would be like with BA after failing in the playoffs? He would Bates the guy right out of the league the next day.

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    Not too many plays for 3rd and 19...But I liked that one!! lol

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