We were right about what the Steelers needed to do to beat the Ravens, now what do they need to do to beat the Jets? We're probably all a lot less familiar with the Jets, obviously, but from watching the game tonight I can pick up a thing or two that we need to do on both sides of the ball.

On defense we need to get to Sanchez. He's a young quarterback, he'll scare easy. If we put as much pressure on him as we did on Flacco, I'm guessing we would get the same result. He'll panic, the rest of the offense panics, the whole thing snowballs out of control, we pick up a few turnovers and our offense capitalizes.

Which brings me to the offense. They did a good job of capitalizing on all the turnovers against the Ravens, we need to keep doing that against the Jets. If we get the ball on their side of the field, we need to score a touchdown, not a field goal. We need to burry these Jets. We can't leave them hanging around cause we'll certainly pay for it if we do.

We also need to find a way to get the ball to our young receivers. Obviously BA refuses to give Heath the touches he deserves, and Hines looks slower and slower by the minute. Somehow our young guys (Wallace, Brown, and Sanders) need to figure out how to get open against a very good Jets secondary. It's a lot to ask from them, but they got a good practice run against a worse, but still mediocre Ravens secondary.

What else needs to happen for the Steelers to win?