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Thread: Keys to the Jets game

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrison92 View Post
    Anyone have anything to add?
    Steelers gave up 9 points due to misc. things last time. That was the difference in the game (well, not to mention the non-pass interference call that kept us from a TD.)

    Pitt has to be much better this time around in terms of special teams. That's becoming an issue AGAIN!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrison92 View Post
    BTW, who are the refs this Sunday?
    Jets @ Steelers:

    Referee- Ed Hochuli
    Umpire- Garth DeFelice (Blakeman)
    HL- Mark Hittner (Hochuli)
    LJ- Tom Symonette (Hochuli)
    SJ- Laird Hayes (Carey)
    BJ- Dino Paganelli (Steratore)
    FJ- Bob Waggoner (Steratore)
    ALT Referee- Ron Winter
    ALT FJ- Boris Cheek (Cheffers)

    It's no fun when the rabbit has the gun

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    Special teams, special teams, special teams. We don't have to win the game here, but we MUST NOT lose it here either.
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