The more I thought it about this, the more it bothered me. I can't remember what quarter it was (I could not watch most of the game) but there was a play where the Steelers were awarded a first down on a very close spot. Ben had rushed his team to the line to get a play off before the Ravens could adjust. Harbaugh, low on timeouts, threw a flag to challenge the call.

I cannot remember the exact rule on challenging a first down spot, but apparently the situation in which he threw a challenge flag was not one of them. As a result, play stopped to address the issue, and his team received their time out.

I am convinced he did that on unscrupulously. I feel that should be penalty. That is the sort of tactic he will resort to for a win. I can just visualize him yelling and screaming at an opposing coach who did the exact same thing. He seems like a huge bigot. Can you imagine Tomlin doing that? I would be embarrassed.

I live in Baltimore, and despite not being a Ravens fan, I keep up with the Ravens. I listen to quite a bit of talk radio during my commute and I hear quite a lot of sports. When Harbaugh was hired, I actually liked him. He was humble, well spoken, and seemed like a good choice. As time went on, he became a total meathead. I cannot stand the guy. He might help old ladies across the street and volunteer at the animal shelter, or whatever, but his football persona is full of spite, disrespect, and arrogance. I say if he is glad his team broke Ben's nose, I am glad we sent his bigoted self packing.

That challenge flag really, really bothers me. That illustrates that being dirty and underhanded doesn't pay. I am surprised more was not made of that event.

Go Steelers!