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Thread: Never stop BELIEVING! On to the AFC Championship Game!

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    HAHA, great story Larry!

    Losing to a team in the regular season is definitely a big motivator. The Steelers lost a close game that they should have won against the Jets. They won't lose twice. There's too many veterans on this team with not much time left in the league to let this chance slip away. Let Rex and his players talk, we'll do the talking on the field like we always do.

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    Can't say enough, the way the steelers battled back Saturday showed just how much heart these guys have. Being down 21-7 at the half it looked pretty bleak and they could have took the easy route and quit but they didnt and they fought back and ended up winning. This team has so much heart and just refuses to give up. This group of guys are special and have everything it takes to win another superbowl.

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