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Thread: Everybody lost today we needed to...

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    Everybody lost today we needed to...

    This is what makes today even more sickening and disgusting. Jags lost,Cincy lost,and Bills lost. Its why I kept coming on here and saying week after week after week as long as we win out things would fall into place and we would have gotten in. Its very very disgusting for the Steelers to come out today and play that terrible with a chance to go to the playoffs on the line and especially to get payback to the Ravens for what they did to them a month ago in Baltimore. It was just a **** poor game plan by Cowher once again today to try to come out and run the ball against a defense you know damn well you wont be able to run against. They needed to come out early and spread it and score early and get the lead in this game and what does Cowher do he runs and runs and runs Parker and gets nothing and he still keeps running. Parker shouldnt have even been running when he fumbled the ball because the bottom line is he couldnt run all day period.

    The Steelers were moving the ball passing enough at that point that they should have just kept it in the air and tried to score that way. I knew when Baltimore got up in this game 14-0 even though I never give up and lose hope but I knew deep down that this game was over. You just cannot fall behind a team who's defense is as good like Baltimore's 14-0 and expect to win. And I blame that completely on Cowher especially in the first half when we kept going 3 and out like 5 straight times that he still kept trying to run Parker when it was so obvious that he couldnt run at all. The bottom line is just a very very disgraceful way to go out for the Steelers to end this season. Especially had they won all they would have needed was a Jets loss tomorrow a KC win at home versus a bad Jags team and win versus Cincy next week to make it which would have been very very possible and probably would have happened. The Steelers played today about as bad as the field looked today which is an absolutely horrifc for that field to have mud and dirt on it the way it does. You look at the Broncos field it had 2 feet of snow fall on it this week and there was barely a drop of mud on it and the field was in very very good shape. Heinz Field and what Rooney and Cowher see in that field to say there is nothing wrong with it is just completely moronic.

    Overall just a terrible way for the Steelers to go out and hopefully next week the Steelers can come out and put a dagger to the heart of the Bengals and knock them out of the playoffs because if they beat them that is exactly what they will do. Just a terrible terrible performance today by the Steelers from Cowher, the D and Ben. One more side not I think Joey Porter is a damn punk for taking a shot at Jamal Lewis today and this guy cant get off this team soon enough. I really hope they let Joey Porter go because his act on and off the field has really really gotten tiresome. The guy is a complete thug and an a total embarrassment in my opinion.

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    I bet you wish you didn't go to this game now, Kyle. I thought about you guys all day and said to myself, that has to be pure hell seeing this game before your very eyes unravel to hell for us. DAMN IT SUCKS!!!!

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    *sigh* doesn't even begin to cover the disgust in knowing that everything unfolded exactly the way we needed it to, except for us winning. The ratbirds just wanted it more than us and they were playing like it today. They made their share of mistakes: 3 turnovers, and 12 penalties yet they were able to overcome them and we werent.

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    It hurts to know all we had to do was to win yesterday and then go beat the Bengals next week to get in but the loss was just one more piece to a very disappointing season. We'll get them next year!
    MERRY CHRISTMAS to all...

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    The sad part is the Steelers lost to the Raiders and had the bengal wrapped up The ball definitely didn't fall the Steelers way this year!

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ_Steeler View Post
    The sad part is the Steelers lost to the Raiders and had the bengal wrapped up The ball definitely didn't fall the Steelers way this year!
    Not at's so sad...but there is always next year...and the Steelers have to build on what happened this year with or without Cowher!

    sig made by K Train....Thank you!

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