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    Graham to Pitt

    Tulsa coach Todd Graham will be announced as head coach today. He is getting 2 mil/year for himself and 2 mil/year for his staff which is double the pay Wanny got. He also has a large buyout clause in his contract should he want to leave.

    I'm not thrilled about the style which is what Rich Rod ran at WVU (Spread, 3-3-5) but he has had 3 ten win seasons in 4 years at Tulsa and that style did dominate the Big East. Hopefully he is closer to Guz Mahlzan than to Steve Kragthorpe.
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    I think Graham is a pretty solid hire. His program at Tulsa always
    had explosive teams. Pitt needs a shot of adrenaline.
    Now bring back the mustard/blue and script Pitt for us
    nostalgic peeps out here like your avatar.

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