A huge THANK YOU to all of the SteelerAddicts members and staff for a great 2010. We've grown at a great rate this year and the prospects for 2011 are bright indeed.

Thank you for all the great posts, insights, steeler artwork, and overall participation. You guys are what make SA go every day. Without members are are literally nothing.

Our presence on the social networking side of the net is getting bigger every day and we have thousands of fans that follow us on FB and Twitter, relying on us for up to date accurate news and information.

Thank you all for coming around and spending part of your day with us, we're proud to be your Steeler home and hopefully we will continue to live up to and exceed your expectations. We have lots in store for 2011 including:

A new SA blog
SteelerAddicts Radio
More SA fan events at games, training camp, the fan blitz, etc.
More giveaways in 2011
And a few surprises too.

For now, it's full steam ahead into the postseason and hopefully another super bowl victory!!! We're here for you and we're glad to have everyone of you on board for the ride.

As always, we welcome any comments or suggestions about the site!