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Thread: 2011 NFL Draft: 15 Prospects Whose Stocks Plummeted During Their Bowl Game

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    2011 NFL Draft: 15 Prospects Whose Stocks Plummeted During Their Bowl Game

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    Like this:

    Adrian Clayborn was sitting near the top of many draft boards, but he has been less than stellar this season.

    To compound his already falling draft stock, he had a poor game in the Insight Bowl.

    Facing off against a Missouri freshman, he couldn't get any pressure and was ineffective throughout the game.

    Clayborn could very well fall to the bottom of the first round if not the second round.

    --- Added 1/7/2011 at 01:24 PM ---

    And this....

    Brandon Harris has already opted for the NFL Draft after a positive meeting with the NFL advisory board, but there's a chance he may no longer be a first-round lock.

    Facing off against Notre Dame's Michael Floyd in the Sun Bowl, Harris was abused every time he was on him.

    Floyd finished the day with six receptions for 109 yards and two touchdowns. Both touchdowns came in the first quarter and he just barely missed out on two more.

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    i really like clayborn .. as of now i'd be shocked if he fell to the mid 20's

    same for harris, but he did look half-*** and confused on a couple plays vs floyd

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