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Thread: Status of Steelers' Smith still in doubt

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    I don't see him surfacing until the Superbowl, . . . . let's hope we can make it there for him!

    Even Kiesel says he needs to be 100% or nothing.

    Go Steelers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by harpo View Post
    I was just messin' with you.
    I know

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    no im not....but ill deal with it.

    the team is leading or close to leading the league in im ok with the front 7 play so far, gay has proved to be a tremendous blitzer from the nickel slot and timmons has really stepped his **** up
    Will Hood or Smith help stop Brady's short passes?

    Troy/Gay blitzing and an up the middle assortment of blitz packages will be Brady's enemy...

    Does Smith or Hood help in these up the middle blitzes? I say Smith helps here. But Hood is looking strong and aggresive too..

    Im still waiting for Farrior to be relieved by Sylvester for some quicker up the middle blitzing from the ILB position. but that will come maybe next year after farrior retires. i think this is farriors last year, thats why i wish sylvester would get some time in at ILB now.

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