Ok, so the past 2 games we beat a hapless Carolina Panther team, then went to the proverbial soiled diaper of America and basically beat up the paper boy and took his lunch money.

Was the Cleveland win fun to watch? .... you bet.

Am I thrilled the Steelers did the job and locked up the #2 spot to take the division and 1st round bye? ....... damn straight!

Am I hopeful we win the next 2 and find ourselves walking into Dallas' new stadium for our 7th ring? .... Oh, hell to the yeah!

Do I trust our situational play calling going forward in what will most definately be a much higher caliber of opponent? ..... NOT A CHANCE!

I've said it many times before and I'll say it again, Bruce Arians is our weakest link on offense. All too often we win in spite of him and NOT becasue of him. Either the defense bails him out or Ben extends a play and pulls a major pass out of his *** that wasn't designed or intended.

Yes, I'll remain hopeful, but something tells me we'll be back here in a few weeks talking about how Arians screwed the pooch ..... once again.