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Thread: Inside Steelers locker room: Films snub

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    Inside Steelers locker room: Films snub

    Steelers players apparently became so upset with all the fines that were levied on them, with the idea that the NFL had "targeted" them, that they refused to fully cooperate with the crews from NFL Films when they entered their locker room immediately after games.

    Linebacker James Harrison, who had his $125,000 on four fines scaled back to $100,000 by the NFL last week, said the fines helped team unity in a locker room that has always been tight.

    "I won't say that's what led to this team doing what it had done, but my teammates were definitely behind me," Harrison said. "We definitely stuck together. The NFL Films would be in here after games. That's another reason why we don't talk around them; we keep everything in team."

    They had nothing against the crews from NFL Films, Harrison said, but explained the players' reluctance to cooperate because "they're just part of the NFL."

    "I don't want to say nothing I might get fined for," Harrison said. "Just how they come into the locker room after the game, it's hush-hush, 'We got visitors in here, keep your comments to yourself.' "

    Harrison said he also has a long memory for those media members in Pittsburgh who sided against him because of the fines.

    "Some of you all tried to hang me out to dry, too, when this stuff was going on. I know who you are. Don't think I forgot."

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    Harrison is a trip.

    True story, his mother told him to never be nice to people becasue they'll take advantage of you!! Good stuff!!

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    Harrison cracks me up. Whatever works for us.
    Coming to you live from the Fortress of Steelertude!

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    "Some of you all tried to hang me out to dry, too, when this stuff was going on. I know who you are. Don't think I forgot."
    ya gotta love him.

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    Good for them!!!
    Nothing personal against the NFL film crew, but this is a "stick it up your a$$! King Roger"
    for your heavy handed tunnel vision fines against our beloved Black and Gold!!!
    Oakland, Where Careers Go To Die!!!!!

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    Don't think that an impending lock out also might make these guys a bit pissed off. This is about money, it's always about money.

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