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IOC not winning might also make the Pens easier to sell as they asking price will have to come down considerably now that there is no arena deal in place. I can see why the PGCB picked the group they did as the Hill District would be far from an ideal place for a casino but it still sucks putting the Pens future in limbo
The price on the Pens will go up, with no arena deal in place it will make them easier to move!! As far as PGCB not picking IOC, that has to be THE MOST STUPID, ASSINE, MORONIC,STUPID,IDIOTIC, STUPID, BAFFLING, STUPID,TAXPAYER WASTING,STUPID thing to do. How in the world can they turn down 290 million dollars for a new arena. The government has been telling Mario for 7 yrs to arrange funding, he did and their response is to tell him to bend over?? Now we taxpayers get the pleasure of helping to fund the arena , if one gets built. The Hill might not have been the ideal place but it is rundown and in need of redevelopment that this project would have infused.

Did I mention it was STUPID??