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Thread: Emmanuel Sanders

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    Emmanuel Sanders

    Sure, yesterday sucked for the most part, but look what this kid did. Seven nice catches for 78 yards. He made the nice grab at the sideline early in the game, and did the run-after-catch for a first down during the last drive. Hell, if Spaeth hadn't been in front of him, he may have even snagged the game winning TD and we would all be cheerful right now. This kid makes sideline catches, runs after the catch, and does a good job blocking and sealing the edge. He was definitely a bright spot in an otherwise ****** day and I am looking forward to seeing this kid play for a while.

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    Awesome kid! Very mature comments too. We can be very pleased with him!

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    I'm proud of the way sanders and wallace conduct themselves. They definitely have the ward attitude instead of the holmes attitude.

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    The WR's are a bright spot... cant wait to see them explode next year with a new OC.

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    Sanders has a great future with the team. He's fast and tall, he has good hands, and he isn't an idiot. Reminds me of Wallace in his rookie year, and that's a good sign.

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    Big props definitely go out to both Brown and Sanders. They are stepping into to fill big shoes and they are responding. We are fortunate that these 2 are able to come in and make plays, contributing to the offense as much as they had. The first year Holmes was here he was dropping everything left and right. These guys are playing solid football right now and we're lucky to have both of them.

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    Sanders is quickly turning into my favorite players, not only with the way he plays, but with how cool he is on facebook. Sanders definitely has a bright future.

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    Sanders was money yesterday especially on that last drive. He got totally jobbed by the refs on the play in the end zone with about 30 seconds left where the Jets corner grabbed his jersey for about 3-4 seconds. Also. If Matt Spaeth's dumbass doesnt interfere in the back of the end zone the second to last play of the game there on that pass intended for Sanders I believe Sanders makes that play in the back of the end zone,gets his feet down and is the hero of that game yesterday.

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    Man is Sanders going to be a beast or what??? Please stay on the right track!!!

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    I agree with all...he has a bright future and is going to be fun to watch grow.

    The attitude is very impressive especially with all the prima donna's that play that position.
    "When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself."
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