Ok all, here's the deal. I'm going to do the initial podcast this Saturday afternoon myself, and test it out. Making sure it sounds ok, it's clear, and generally make sure the intro music flows and test out the software so we don't have any hiccups etc. I'll post it up when it's finished in a new Steeler Addicts Radio section of the site. All shows after this initial trial run will include various guests from SA and of course my weekly cohost (as long as schedules permit for him of course).

Then starting the week after the Steelers playoff game we'll begin the weekly shows for as long as the Steelers are still in the postseason. Then we'll do shows in the offseason periodically covering the latest news etc. We'll also do a draft special, and one at the start of free agency, when mini camps start, then training camp, preseason, and then being weekly shows for the 2011 season.