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Thread: how to beat the patriots

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    how to beat the patriots

    the patriots are playing as good right now as they have ever played.Brady is on fire.

    A:mismatches.That what they do!4 receiver set and Welker in the backfield,they look,audible Wes in motion.And BOOM(like John Madden would say)

    No defence can cover 5 Patriot receivers they are too good

    What do you do go into nickelback formation or blitz?

    I think I know what do you guys think?

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    Blitz Brady and chase him with a pair of scissors. Tear off his helmet, give him a buzz cut right on the field. If he's like Sampson, that should do it. Worth the penalty and fine. Other then that, well thats all I got.

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    The Pats do anything they can to create mismatches in the passing game. Throw a TE on a CB, Welker on a LB... They do it well.

    It's a good thing they are playing perrfect right now. Hopefully this is their peak and they decline come playoff time. They can't really play ANY better than they have been.

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    I would "bet" the are going to win, thats how I would "bet the Patriots"

    Seriously, you have to blitz Brady, if you put 10 guys in coverage, he will still find the open man and beat you

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    communication is key. they like the crossing routes and obviously the open zones. OLB's drop at a diagonal towards the sideline, with one safety crowding the middle. Cut off the quick slants (ala Harrison in SB 43) Hybrid defense, Timmons on Woodhead, Troy on the TEs and Ike on Branch. Welker will be open and kill you but you have to limit the YAC. Then buckle down in red zone = no 10yd cushions!!!!!!
    Have Terrible Towel, Will Travel.

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    Maybe.. One ILB hits welker and holds him up, then 92 or 94 comes in and cleans him out with a mid body crushing blow. do this until welker is not on the field.

    or which may be illegal now days, do what clark did to him over the middle and do often.. just remove welker from the field, then hit all other WR's on the line so they are not standing. and blitz.. this should mess with brady's timing...

    or i will bet when brady steps back to pass in his dink and dunk format. maybe he counts it out like music.. 1 and a 2 and a pass. find his rhythm and jump the WR's using his timing.. its all timing.... he has to have some type of rhythm going or it would'nt work so smooth. he is usually in hurry up or no huddle, so some type of timing has to be there.

    all else is senseless. we tried the other coverages.....

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    Flame thrower!!

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    it's all about bump and run coverage. gotta stick his recievers inside of those five yards which we don't do. brady hits those creases in the zone like no other. throw his timing off and let harrison and woodley eat.

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    Hit brady in the knee in the first quarter. That should do it. Outside of that....pray that maybe someone else hits brady in the knee before we play them....
    Be who you are, become what you dream....

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    Quote Originally Posted by igor0190 View Post
    The Pats do anything they can to create mismatches in the passing game. Throw a TE on a CB, Welker on a LB... .
    A TE vs a CB, the CB SHOULD have the advantage - unless the CB is William Gay. Gay reminds me of Deshea Townsend . . not a great cover corner, but an excellent blitz corner.

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