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Thread: Jets vs. Steelers (Gm. #14)

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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXBURGH View Post
    Troy would have made the difference we cannot win with out him...
    It's not the absent of Troy,as I said in another post Dick failed to blitz and allowed Snachez to have all day to stand back and pick us apart.

    And how about Arians giving up on our running game that the Jets couldn't stop. 1st 10 at our own 2 yd. line and Mendenhall and Redman are on the sideline

    I actually hate Tomlin,he's the man in charge and the one that allows the nonsense to happen.
    It's no fun when the rabbit has the gun

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    the D only gave up 13 pts. special teams gave up a TD and they got a safety. That said even though this loss doesn't affect the steelers making playoffs that hurt, we were right there and couldn't win. I want those cocky jets in the playoffs with troy and smith back, it will end differently.

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