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Thread: Jets vs. Steelers (Gm. #14)

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    Jets vs. Steelers (Gm. #14)


    Join us as we talk about the game LIVE as it happens. The STEELERS are on a roll now after beating the Ravens and Bengals in back to back AFC North matchups. With 3 games to go the Steelers need to keep winning in order to stay ahead of the Ravens and look to secure the highest seed possible in the post season.

    Nothing is clinched yet so this game is once again a must win. The Jets will be desperate after dropping 2 in a row. Sanchez has not looked good so the Steelers need to take advantage of that and get some turnovers on defense. On offense, it's as simple as, score touchdowns not field goals.

    4:15 pm. EST. on CBS
    Heinz Field
    Pittsburgh, PA.

    The Steelers Talk section will be closed during the game, reopening as soon as it's over.
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