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Thread: These holding penalties have got to stop...

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    These holding penalties have got to stop...

    Whether people think they are warranted or not the Steelers offensive lineman are still committing way too many penalties at critical times of drives. You cannot continue to put yourself in 1st and 20 and 1st and 30 especially after you work and fight your *** off to make big plays and convert 3rd downs. This offense has got to stop shooting itself in the foot and start finishing these drives off in the red zone. I thought the Ben spike play yesterday before the half where he had first and goal at the 4 yard line and still 1 timeout left after running for the first down was very very poor clock management. The Steelers pretty much gave themselves 2 chances instead of 3 of scoring a TD there before the half which could have really put the game out of the Bengals reach. These kind of bonehead moves MUST improve as we move into the playoffs here and the competition gets better. Doing those kinds of things against teams like the Patriots or even the Jets this weekend who will be really desperate to win this game will just not get it done...

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    I agree although I really don't see it stopping. Flozell has a history of holding calls at the worst of times so there's no reason to think he would change now after all these years. The others simply aren't good enough to block without holding.
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    holding calls are a joke... tell me the Bengals are so good they didnt hold 99, 92 or 56 the entire game?

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    Holding calls are a part of the game, but when the game isn't called down the middle, that's what bothers me. I saw one definitive hold yesterday on Flozell. otherwise not sure.

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    We are kinda forced to hold. Our protection isn't getting any better. I'd rather get a holding call than get Ben smacked.

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    Can't help it with Jonathon Scott at LT.

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    I mentioned it today on the podcast, the holding penalties are completely out of control. The 3rd quarter alone was so full of them I think we had more yardage going backwards than forwards!

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlitzburghRockCity View Post
    I mentioned it today on the podcast, the holding penalties are completely out of control. The 3rd quarter alone was so full of them I think we had more yardage going backwards than forwards!
    I came close to puking!!

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    Who's actually had the most holding calls? I didn't Flozell was the biggest culprit.

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    There will be holds so long as Jonathan "The Swinging Gate" Scott is playing tackle. I mean, this guy gets blown up on every single play. I would love to see Hills get some snaps. If he can't handle it, at least you know that both guys could be cut at the end of the season.

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