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Thread: Ravens Poem (12/05/10)

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    Ravens Poem (12/05/10)

    I've been up in Steeler country for the last week visiting family for early Christmas, since I can't get off work for the actual holiday. I didn't forget this LOL Enjoy :-)

    Sunday night vs. the Ravens - our second annual meeting
    A win on the road we were very badly needing
    This game would get ugly - we didn’t know how much
    And I thought a quarterback’s head was illegal to touch?
    On the first Steeler series Ben’s nose was bloodied
    No penalty flag - those rules need to be studied
    Ravens - you broke Ben’s nose but you couldn’t break his spirit
    As for being a drama queen - we don’t want to hear it
    Near the end of the first the Ravens would get a score
    Then for a while there wouldn’t be any more
    After the half the Steelers put 3 points on the board
    Then the Ravens answered with their own field goal scored
    On the next drive the refs must have gone blind
    No penalty flag but at least he got fined
    Helmet to helmet and Miller was done for the night
    He was down for a while - just glad he’s alright
    We got another field goal which made the score 10-6
    We would have to pull something from our bag of tricks
    Just when we thought we had no chance at all
    Along came Troy to steal the ball
    This would turn out to be the game changing play
    Soon “Red Zone” Redman would make them pay
    When it was over at the end of the fourth
    We took over control of the AFC North
    Now we come home to play the Bengals at Heinz
    And T. Ocho continues their usual whines
    They’d love to spoil our season but to that we say
    Here we go Steelers and of course WE DEY!

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    Awesome! You're very bright and talented!

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