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Thread: On the Steelers: Brown, Sanders, Wallace triple threat

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    This team should be set with receivers for a while. The thing that I've noticed the most with these guys is their collective ability to catch the ball. There have been some drops, but that is to be expected for young guys. They are coming up with big plays and really doing well with the opportunities they are given.

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    I was one of the few at the start of even pre-season that wanted Sanders and Brown see significant playing soon rather then later.......I knew El really brought nothing to the table at this stage of his career.......Yea he was ok to serve as a mentor for the young WR's but he could have served that role as the 5th/6th WR on the team and didn't have to dress on game days.......

    The Steelers offense needed speed bad and both of these young WR's provide that.......Especially with Ward also slowing down......I now Ward has that occasional game were he has 7 catches and goes over 100 yards still but that is usually against teams that play mostly zone which Ward being the crafty vet he is can manipulate......When teams man up on Ward he is done.......He has had many games with just a few catches and not many yards....Which is understandable due to his age.......Play the young guys even over Ward.......We need actual threats and both Sanders/Brown can threaten a defense with their speed......

    If Ward comes back next year he must be forced to play the El role of this year.....I love Hines Ward and he has been a warrior all these years.....But I want the team win games and don't hold sentimental value when it comes to players........

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    COACH I hear ya!Good point about the 3 receiver situation,I think you hit the nail in the head.Look at Brady in New England he has all that short stuff to Branch and Wes it drives me nuts when he does that stuff against us but it works.We can run,we got Wallace downtown Moore checkdown so work on the short stuff to Sanders n Brown.

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    you're right

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