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Thread: How much more does Hines have left?

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    Till he dies

    I dont think he has the same capabilites he once did. I do think this guy will play till the wheels fall of. Hes a warrior and doesnt want to leave anything on the feild. His heart will always be there but I think his body is starting to give up./

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    I could see two more years out of Hines barring injury, maybe more if he is okay with a role reduction. Hines strikes me as the type of player that won't give up on the game until his body does. It will definitely be a big day when he retires; just like the Bus. Hopefully this team can get him a Super Bowl win to retire out of.

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    It would be so damn cool if he wanted to play until he got 4 rings himself. What would that tell you the fan? This guy can play and will play until his body tells him it is time to hang up the gear. Hey, after all, he said he "I want to retire a Pittsburgh Steeler."

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