I just sent the following email to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell...will be interesting to see if I get a reply:

Wes Penn to Roger Goodell

Mr. Goodell

In accordance with the NFL's emphasis on player safety, perhaps you should implement the following:

Since in the game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers, 1) Ben Rothlesburger had his nose broken by a hit to the facemask 2) Heath Miller (truly in the position of a "defenseless receiver") was given a concussion by a direct hit to the helmet and 3) near the end of the game Rothlesburger was again struck on the helmet and the replay showed a quick grab of the helmet under the earhole.

Since none of these infractions produced a penalty, there should be a new policy for implementing a fine for game officials that miss blatant calls. As your staff seems to love fining/penalizing the Steelers in general and James Harrison in particular, at least try to have the impression of objectivity.

Wes Penn