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Thread: Who really sucks? Steelers O-line or Bruce Arians?

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    Who really sucks? Steelers O-line or Bruce Arians?

    The O-line is built for blocking straight ahead. But Arians scheme is zone blocking. He refuses to change. So who really sucks?

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    O-Line coach an O-Coordinator!

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    I have always hated Arians. Yes, even last year. I don't like the fact the we seldom run anymore. That slogan: Pittsburgh Steelers football is smash mouth football, is a far dream anymore

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    Man i agree - i miss a fullback and a good running game. Balance in your offense starts with being able to run - we sure suck at it. Willie ran good today but never seemed to get in to a rythm.

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    I miss the running game as much as the next, but wake up... The league is different now and we have the weapons to be a very impressive passing team. Why don't we focus on that and use it to set up the running game.
    Running the same vanilla running play every first down only puts us behind the 8 ball. Try running some more draw plays out of passing sets. They suit Willie more than sending him in between the tackles without a hole anywhere!

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    At least if we have a **** year this year we may end up with a new OC....

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    if it's a bad year lots of cuts will happen on offense. Offense Line needs work, need a real fullback. fire the OC and find one that knows the steeler way. Fullbacks are not dead this douche doesn't like to run the ball. look at the rat birds they are what we used to be a running team that does play action passes. then they play defense. so don't tell me the nfl has changed it's about personal. if you get the right guys to fit your offense then you can get it done.
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    What in the flying **** are you guys talking about? We lose so the blame goes to the line every single time? Ben got sacked once, our run blocking was fine for a majority of the game. How bout our defense bailing out in a crucial time of the game for the 3rd time in the past 4 games? This loss is on Limp Dick LeBeau and Tomlin.

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    It's BA and his Prevent Offense and only thing its preventing us from doing right now is Winning. BA better get his act together pretty quick or he'll find out what true meaning of NFL is!
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