Well as much as I would like to keep coming on here and end up being wrong here at least one week it just doesnt seem to be happening. The Steelers did it again today thanks to their impressive win over Carolina and getting some help from the Jags losing to the Titans,KC will lose to SD going on right now, and the Bengals who are going to lose tomorrow night to the Colts. So here is the latest updates as of right now and I will give you more as things become a bit clearer after the game tonight with KC and tomorrow night with the Bengals. Assuming that KC and the Bengals are going to lose which Im telling you right now they will here is what has to happen the last 2 weeks for us to get in. Obviously the Steelers have to do their part and beat Baltimore and Cincy to finish at 9-7.

Here is what has to happen with the other teams. Ill start off with the Jets they are currently 8-6 after beating Minnesota today. All the Jets would have to do for the Steelers to finish ahead of them is lose one of their final 2 games at Miami or at home to Oakland and finish 9-7 because the Steelers win the tiebraker over the Jets at 9-7 based on common opponents because their conference record is the same as ours at 6-6. Kansas City is next all they have to do is lose tonight to SD and they are 7-7 and the best they can finish at is 9-7 and since we beat the Chiefs head to head we win the tiebraker over them at 9-7. We still might need the Chiefs help to get in if they do finish at 9-7 based on tiebrakers with Denver which Ill get into in a second. Cincy is next of course its simple for them all they would need to do is lose their last 3 games still at Indy,at Denver, and to us and they finish 8-8 and we get in over them at 9-7. However, there is still a scenario where Cincy can finish 9-7 and get the 5th seed even if they beat Denver next week and lose to the Steelers the last week, and the Steelers can get in at 9-7 with the 6 seed if Denver and the Jags lose out or lose some other tiebrakers happen.

Believe me it sounds nuts but its very true Ill explain a few in a bit. Next team is the Jags now the easiest way for us to get in over them is for them to lose their last 2 games to New England at home and at Kansas City and finish at 8-8 and the Steelers finish at 9-7. But there is still a scenario thanks to that win today by the Titans where if the Jags,Titans and Steelers all finish at 9-7 the Steelers would win the tiebraker because the Titans have a better division record then the Jags and would cancel them out, and the Steelers would win the tiebraker over the Titans based on common opponents. So no matter what if Tennessee finishes at 9-7 and they are a factor they will not win any tiebraker over the Steelers so we actually want them to finish at 9-7 if the Jags do because the Steelers will get in if that happens. So yes there is one scenario where if the Jags and Steelers both finish at 9-7 the Steelers can get in as long as Tennessee wins their final 2 games at Buffalo and home to New England and finishes at 9-7.That wont be easy but the way the Titans are playing now they can beat anybody I think.

The last 2 teams here are Denver and Buffalo yes the Bills are still a slim factor but not a big one. All we need is for the Bills to lose one of their final 2 games to either Tennessee or at Baltimore which they will do and that will finish them no better then 8-8. If the Bills do finish at 9-7 with the Steelers believe it or not they would win the tiebraker over the Steelers based on conference record. Bills conference record would be 7-5 the Steelers would be 6-6. Im not worried about that too much though I think the Titans or Baltimore will beat the Bills and that will take care of them. But for now they are still a factor. Root for Tennessee next week as I mentioned to beat the Bills because as I said you want the Titans to finish at 9-7 just incase the Jags do finish 9-7 because that way if there is a 3 way tie with the Steelers,Titans,and Jags the Steelers would win that tiebraker and get in over Jacksonville. Again there is no way at all Tennessee can win the tiebraker over the Steelers assuming they both finish at 9-7 none at all so root for them at this point to finish 9-7 Im telling you that scenario with the Steelers,Titans and Jags finishing in a 3 way tie and the Steelers getting in is very very accurate.

Lastly, you have the Broncos who are now 8-6 after beating Arizona today. Now if Denver wins their last 2 games at home against Cincy and San Fran they are in and are the 5th seed so if that happens we need the other things that I mentioned to happen which are still very possible. However, if they lose one of their final 2 games to Cincy or San Fran and finish at 9-7 there is a scenario out there just like the one I mentioned with the Titans and Jags that if the Broncos,Chiefs and Steelers all finish at 9-7 the Steelers would get in over the Broncos despite the fact just like the Jags they beat us head to head. The Steelers get in if the Broncos,Chiefs,and they finish at 9-7 because the Chiefs would cancel out Denver much like Tennessee would cancel out the Jags because they break the tie in the division first and Cincy Kanas City would have a better division record then Denver they would cancel them out and the Steelers would win the tiebraker over the Chiefs based on of course the head to head *** beating we gave them 45-7.

Here is the bottom line and this is completely accurate and true and Im not crazy and nuts I have figured this out and seen it printed on other sites as well. The only 2 teams the Steelers cannot get in over if they all finish at 9-7 are Cincinnati and Buffalo because they both have better conference records then the Steelers. So get this if Denver,Kansas City,Tennessee,Jacksonville,and the Jets all finish at 9-7 with the Steelers the Steelers win the tiebraker over all 5 of those teams and get in the playoffs as the 6 seed. The head to head scenarios as I mentioned with Denver and Jacksonville get thrown out in this situation based on the fact that Kansas City and Tennessee would cancel both of them out first based on division tiebrakers like I mentioned. And as I said before the Steelers win tiebrakers over the Titans and Jets based on common opponents and the Chiefs based on head to head. Its the most bizzare insane scenario possible but its accurate and its really nothing short of a miracle. The bottom line is though guys as Ive been saying for weeks now and some of you have not been with me on here and I know a lot of you have the Steelers ARE STILL ALIVE and have a chance to get in. I hope my scenarios I typed here are clear to read but if you read it carefully and look at it closely a few times you will definitely see that it is true and makes sense and that if it does happen which it keeps doing every week now the Steelers are gonna make it.

Dont give up guys Ill keep telling. Big game with the Ratbirds here next Sunday. I really do think we beat them here especially if Kyle Boller starts in place of McNair which it looks like he is going to do at this point. Payback will be a bitch that game and Im going on record and saying right now the Steelers will beat the Ravens and I really do believe that just like this week enough things will happen next week as well that they will have a shot going into that final game in Cincy to make the playoffs. Believe guys dont give up yet it can still happen trust me it can read the scenarios I just posted on here and you will see why.