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we get Brown back too... no reason for Randle El to even dress
I agree no reason to even play El anymore. He has ****ed up way too many times this year and adds nothing to the punt return game at all besides fair catching it. Brown is back and will resume his punt returning role which is something the Ravens didnt have to deal with the first meeting. Both Sanders and Brown were both non-factors the last game against the Ravens which is something for them to think about as well. El is a liability at receiver and between him dropping the ball at the goaline before the half in Buffalo last week,and not getting in the end zone against the Saints which costs the Steelers 7 points and momentum in that game I am just about done with El. Ive seen enough Tomlin nobody cares if the guy is a vet and can do trick plays. He isnt better then Sanders and Brown and adds nothing to the special teams or receiving core. Stop playing him period!!!