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Thread: Bills Poem (11/28/10)

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    Bills Poem (11/28/10)

    We traveled to Buffalo to play the Bills last week
    They were on a big two game win streak
    That wasn’t going to continue based on the first half
    But then came the help of the officiating staff
    In the first half Buffalo didn’t have much chance at all
    For the five minutes or so they had the ball
    The flags continued to fly and the Steelers continued to attack
    Even when Buffalo got the ball - Troy took it back
    We kicked a field goal to take the lead and just minutes to a win
    The Bills would then tie it up so overtime would begin
    Buffalo punted and then so did we
    All we needed was to get in range for three
    Then Stevie Johnson could have caught the pass to win the game
    But he dropped it in the end zone and God got the blame
    Mendenhall and Redman took us to the Buffalo 22
    We would have to see what our kicker could do
    Suisham certainly earned his worth right away
    A 41 yard game winner to put an end to the day
    We hope to have most of our injuries healed
    And everyone brings their A game when they take the field
    This game is going to be an all out war
    Ravens - we’re coming to your house to settle the score
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    What a game and what a poem. Thanks a bunch SteelersGirlTN7.

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    You're work is always top notch Michele, thank you !!

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