When we played the rats last time our D ends were both playing and the O line wasn't as injured as today. I am not sure that the Rtas are good as some pople think but I think the Steelers are not as good as some people think while we rely on 2nd and 3rd team players.

I hope we win, but if we don't I think the loser still makes the palyoffs as a wild card team. I am having a hard time figuring the team out this year. One week, I think they are great, another week I get mad at the coaches, and then I can'tfigure out if they have the horses to win against good teams in the 4th quarter.

Every year you get lucky/unlucky with calls by refs or injuries, etc. This year, we could actually (and easily) have two more losses as we got a good call in Miami and Sweed resurfaced in a Bills uni on Sunday.

I personally felt really confident a month ago that we would go to Baltimore and smack the snot out of them. I am actually nervous now.