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Thread: Need to start putting teams away

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    Quote Originally Posted by K Train View Post
    good team win close games....this was a game we woulda lost last year, just sayin
    You're saying it because you mean it and i agree with you K.

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    I blame Goodell.

    With the rules changing every week, as after-the-fact responses (which results in fines) the defense is being constantly chopped off at the knees. They don't look as aggressive because now everyone is concerned whether they will be flagged and fined now. Even today the fan response on big defensive plays was subdued because they weren't sure if the play would stand or if a flag would be thrown.


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    I will take an OT win that was 1. on the road 2. against a team that had won 2 straight 3. lost the previous 3 to the 2 wins all by 3 points. 4. has nothing at all to lose

    This league is not a league of haves and have nots. If you can exploit a few matchups (they did this very well) then you can have big upsets. We have so many injuries on the o and d line that any win should be good enough. If A. Smith, Colon, and Starks were healthy today we would have won by 21

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    I"m very fearful of the way our lines could be dominated next week.
    The Steeler the only way.

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    The O line will be exploited in a big way. The only reason we will win is because Ben loves to scramble. Man I hope his foot/ankle is ok. Wallace is going to have to get open deep a few times. A few INTs by Troy would help as well. I still think we should win vs the ravens but our oline might put us in a position where we just go 3 and out almost every time.

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    they will be fine against the kris jenkins is a big deal, and bart scott fears the steelers.

    dline worries me, sanchez is sneaky elusive and their oline is borderlining on elite

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    ok as much as i am not for close games yes a win is a win and if we can keep squeaking them out all the way to the super bowl im fine with it. problem is and the announcers said it during the game, this O-line other than pouncy and kemo are the only one's left from last year that are still playing and not injured, from training camp only adams, kemo and pouncey are playing. they have not gelled, even though the lanes they were opening up for mendenahall were beautiful. secondly the refs are not just targeting the D they are targeting the O as well during the whole game against the bills i do not remember one holding call against them and god i know harriosn and woodley were drug down and tackled alot. 27 all together that were non calls. i've been counting since the ravens game. and how many holding calls are against us. i hate to say conspiracy theroy but you can only live in denial for so long. and finally arians thinks that the d should be able to close out games on 3 and outs every drive until we are on the brink of losing. the raiders game was the first game i've seen since he has been here that he played like his job depended on it and was masterful in that game as for play calling, but then we get to buffalo and he goes back into stupid mode. so blaming a paticular player even though yea kemo had a bad game and so did scott in pass protection, but they done a great job in run blocking. as for the ravens im really comfortable about that game cause we have sush kicking and 4 for 4 in bufflalo is not no easy feat, especcially 40+ers

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